Is it legal to buy and sell a fake diploma? Of course it is! Having a fake certificate in your possession is no better or worse than buying one of those fake Rolexes you can find in any major city. You know it’s fake and it’s sort of just fun to have it on your wrist and pretend for a bit. While buying and owning a fake designer watch or pocketbook is fine, when you cross the line is when you try to resell that item and present it as real. That’s when people get into trouble and why websites that sell “replicas” are always very clear on what they are selling.

The same goes for when you order a fake college degree online. You know it’s not the real deal but it’s nice to have on hand. You can get in trouble, however, when you present that degree as a real certificate to an employer. It’s probably not a good idea to put false information on a résumé, just as it’s not a good idea to present a fake college diploma as if it were the real thing in order to get a job or get into a institute of higher learning.

One perfectly legitimate reason to buy a  counterfeit certificate is to replace one you’ve lost. Many employers suggest having your diploma hanging on your wall to impress clients. Unfortunately, digging that old diploma out of the basement, storage facility, or attic is a pain. And if you’ve moved a lot, do you even have it anymore and is it in good condition? It’s far easier to order a replacement online than to go through all the red tape required to get a replacement from your university or college.

If you need a replacement diploma, please be sure to buy one from a reputable vendor who will give you a diploma that precisely matches the one you lost. Find a vendor who can create a realistic document and has samples of a fake diploma. The last thing you need is someone questioning whether or not you actually graduated simply because you went with a subpar vendor and ordered from the wrong place.

Every state has different laws about counterfeit diplomas, so you should probably be aware of what your local laws are before you plan to use your diploma as anything more than a novelty item. If you do order such a certificate, it’s also a good idea to get a high quality item. Not all vendors insist on the same quality, so look for a company that stresses quality first.