There is a direct correlation between the number of fake colleges degrees issued and the job market. Competition is fierce, and if you’re even one course shy of a college degree and were never issued a diploma, you may find yourself losing jobs to someone far less qualified simply because they have their degree.

Life hands out to people all sorts of challenges—be they financial or personal. And sometimes those challenges prevent people from graduating. And that can keep fully qualified people from obtaining positions they would excel at.

How can online fake degrees help you? They can absolutely open doors that are currently closed. You may balk at first, but many people benefit greatly from having a fake diploma to show off to colleagues, friends and family. Imagine that you never even graduated high school, but you’re a computer expert. You can’t get into college without that high school diploma, never mind getting that job you covet. But you can get a fake college diploma without a high school graduation and boost your employability.

There have been many fake degree mill scandals of late. What’s the difference between a fake degree and a diploma from a fake college? For one thing, people who enroll in a bogus school don’t know it’s bogus. They fully believe they are earning a degree and that the diploma they receive is just as good as a regular school. Unfortunately, that degree is worthless. Institutes of higher learning will immediately recognize your diploma as rubbish, so all that money spent is a complete waste.

No college or university will hand out diplomas based on life experiences. It takes years to complete a degree, not weeks. Hundreds of people a year find out the hard way that the degree they have in hand—the one that cost them hundreds of dollars and more—is worthless. More than one heart has been broken by these bogus online schools. However, a good quality diploma and authentic fake transcript can get you what you want in life.

Getting into any college is difficult financially. While there are sports and academic scholarships available, they only go to a very few students. The competition is fierce, and unless you are an academic or sports star, get ready to pay a lot of money for your degree. This cost is why so many parents and students end up buying fake diplomas. Fake college degrees replace sports scholarships that, for most students, are impossible to obtain.