If you think all replica diplomas look as fake as they are, think again. Some websites are producing such accurate and realistic looking documents, they could fool experts.

If you’re in the market for a fake diploma and fake degree, you’re in luck because today’s producers of such products are putting out excellent documents. However, even though several superior vendors exist, there are just as many who are putting out poor quality work that anyone could immediately recognize as a fake.

Why would you want a fake diploma to look real? There are several reasons, including replacing a lost or damaged diploma, a gag gift, or just something you want to hang on your wall. But if you’re going to go to the trouble of purchasing fake associate diplomas or fake GED diplomas, don’t you want something that actually looks like the real deal?

The best place to look for a high quality fake diploma is online. Which vendor you choose greatly depends upon the quality of document you desire. You can spend a few bucks on a cheap, poorly-made document or more than $200 for something that precisely matches the original in every detail—right down to watermarks, signatures, and wording.

Good vendors typically have a large library of diploma templates from nearly every English-speaking college and university. And if you can get them a copy of a diploma they don’t have on file, the best vendors can reproduce it accurately. If you want something that looks like the true document, you should be aware that some companies stamp their diplomas with the words “novelty” or “replica.” Although fake diplomas are all novelty items, many people don’t want those words stamped on it.

Hanging a diploma on your wall gives people a sense of pride. While most people would rather have a real diploma, not everyone can afford a two or four-year school. And some turn to online colleges that are nothing more than diploma mills. Such online schools offer bogus degrees for “life experiences” and hand out diplomas for little or no actual course work.

The problem with such a degree is that many people who receive them are unaware they earned a worthless document that anyone can look at and immediately know it comes from a fake school. Most people would rather have a fake diploma from a real school than a real diploma from a fake school. And that’s why the fake diploma business is booming right now.