Is there anything illegal about ordering a fake novelty diploma online? No. In fact, people order diplomas all the time for many different reasons, including replacing a lost or damaged diploma, giving someone a cool gift, or as a decoration for your wall.

Having a fake diploma is no worse than buying a knock-off purse or watch. However, you could get into trouble if you tried to sell that fake purse as if it were real.

Many people buy bogus degrees online all the time for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it's to give themselves a little ego boost. It's tough when everyone around you brags about their great college degrees and you had to drop out of school because you had to go to work. Just because they come from money, they have a diploma hanging on their wall. And you don't, only because you ran out of money. Having that diploma from your school will show everyone, including yourself, that you are just as smart as they are.

Unfortunately, this need for proof of a degree forces many people to look for shortcuts that could really end up hurting them. While they may truly want to earn a degree, too many people enroll in online distance fake education institutions completely unaware that the credits they are earning are worthless, and that they are earning a fake college diploma. These diploma mills feed on people who only want to have that diploma to hang on their wall. The problem is, getting a fake high school degree online can only lead to heartache. The last thing you want after attending an online school is for someone to look up that school only to find out its bogus and that all you have is a expensive piece  of paper.

These schools are the ones who claim you can earn college credit by listing your life experiences. They make you feel proud of your accomplishments, they make it seem perfectly legitimate to have you fill out a questionnaire, take a couple of courses, and earn a degree. Life isn't like that. No accredited institute of higher learning would ever give out college credit for life experiences.

But wait, you say. That school you attended online was accredited. It said so right on the website. And you checked it out. That accrediting institution had a separate website so it's legit, right? Wrong. Bogus schools set up bogus accrediting institutions to fool those savvy enough to check for that bit of information. If you give them your money and take their courses, all you'll end up with a fake accredited fake degree.