Novelty fake diplomas can be a lot of fun in the right setting—or they can save you embarrassment. Anyone can purchase novelty fake degrees from a variety of websites, with prices that are as wide-ranging as the quality of the fake documents. Everything from transcripts, to valedictorian medals, to fake high school degrees can be found online. When you buy a fake diploma, what you really want is authentic novelty diplomas.

In this business, there is fake and then there is fake looking. If you’re going to spend money on a novelty diploma, you’ll want it to pass for real. Otherwise, what is the point of spending money on something people will see and immediately know is fake? One of the problems of fake degrees is that many websites stamp the word “novelty” or “replica” right on them. Who is that going to fool? Even if you’re using your diploma as a gag, it’s going to lose its appeal the minute anyone notices that it’s obviously a fake.

What are the reasons to buy a fake diploma?

To fool someone. Most are purchased to fool people as a gag. For self-esteem. So many people are missing one or two credits and will never have the opportunity to go back to college to complete their degree. Does that mean all that time and money is completely wasted simply because you’re missing two credits? Having that diploma in hand can mean a lot for someone who lost out a degree because of a bump in the road. To put customers at ease. Sometimes if you’re in business and highly qualified in your field, having that diploma on your wall just puts your customers at ease. To make a relative happy. Say Grandpa always wanted you to graduate and bragged to everyone who would listen about the fact you sent to college. He can’t wait to see your diploma. Unfortunately, you dropped out two years ago and couldn’t bring yourself to tell the old guy you never did graduate. There’s nothing wrong with making a relative happy. To fool a nemesis. Nothing is better than presenting a diploma from a better school to someone who’s constantly bragging about their own degree. Whatever your reason is, take the time to purchase a novelty diploma that looks real.