Would you buy a fake designer bag that looks so fake that people will know with one look? How about a fake high-end watch with the name of the company spelled wrong? Why buy a fake anything if everyone in the world knows with one look that it’s fake.

The whole point of buying a bogus anything is that you want people to think you have the real thing. Frankly, it’s embarrassing when someone actually tries to pass something off as real when it’s so clear that it’s not. The same can be said for fake diplomas.

You can find an online fake university diploma from many websites. They vary in price and quality. And just like you can easily spot a poorly manufactured fake designer handbag, , spotting fake college degrees is just as easy. They look off. Some actually say the word “novelty” or “replica” right on the front of it. Why would you want a fake diploma that says it’s fake? What’s the point of even buying it if you can spot it as fake from a mile away?

Of  course not every phony online university fake degree can be spotted. Some companies are better than others. Some will create a real-looking document, but upon closer examination it’s pretty clear it’s a fake. You can tell by the wording, the fonts, the ink, the paper itself, that it’s a fake. Anyone picking it up will immediately know it’s not real because it’s just not a quality fake. Most people who buy a bogus online fake degree want something that looks and feels real—and very few vendors put the time, research, and money into creating a document that exactly matches the real document.

Obtaining an online fake degree that looks real is key for many people. Did you know some vendors create documents that so precisely match the real thing that they even use the same paper, same color ink and even the same watermarks on the paper? That way if anyone were to hold it up to the light to check its authenticity, they’d have proof right there. Pretty cool, huh?

Of course, getting such a high quality document will probably cost a bit more than the ones with “novelty” stamped on them. But if you’re presenting a fake diploma as a gift to yourself or to a friend, you probably want a diploma that could even fool someone who graduated from the same school. Some fakes are so good, in fact, that many people use them to replace diplomas they’ve lost.