There truly is an art to creating fake diplomas. Customization for a fake degree is a labor intensive process that requires a great deal of research, as well as a commitment to quality. That’s because every institute of higher learning has a degree that looks unique.

Many companies that produce fake diplomas have a few templates they throw together, few of which are identical to the real thing. Oftentimes it is easy to tell they are fakes because they are not produced in quality paper. They not only don’t look authentic, they don’t feel authentic. Someone looking at a low quality reproduction will immediately know that something is off about that certificate.

But to design a diploma template that it an exact duplicate of the real thing takes skill and dedication. Copying fonts and layout, and using the proper ink, paper, seals, watermarks, and signatures, all go into customizing fake diplomas. And that requires intense research.

While some fake diploma companies will deliberately misspell the name of the college or university, others will stamp the documents with the word “novelty” or “replica.” The best fake diploma providers will not only use high quality paper and correct ink, they will take the time to get the wording precise. Hold a fake next to the real thing and it should be difficult to tell them apart.

In this tough economy, fake diplomas are gaining power in the workplace, helping people not only to hold onto their jobs but also to be more competitive when looking for a job. People should avoid online fake diploma programs, because companies and schools can readily identify degrees from these bogus online schools. Unfortunately, some of these online schools present themselves as the real thing and more than one person has been fooled into paying high tuition fees for a degree that is completely worthless.

This can lead to embarrassment and also can lower your desirability to a potential employer. If someone is gullible enough to fall for such a scam, how well will they do as an employee? It’s important to do due diligence when applying to any online school, and keep in mind that several actually have created fake accrediting institutions to fool even the most savvy consumers.