In many different industries the advancement of technology and the fact that nearly everyone has a college degree has meant the addition of requirements and certificates that were not required in the recent past.  For those employees who work in these fields it can be frustrating and upsetting as they have spent their whole lives working towards something only to find out that they are no longer allowed to have their dream job or much deserved promotion.  Is it really unethical for these individuals to purchase fake certificates that they would have earned while in school had the requirements been the same that they are today?


Buying fake certificates is not as simple as picking out a certificate and placing it into an online shopping cart.  The individual must actually provide documentation of their work experience, former education, and take certification tests that would be required when obtaining the traditional certificates.  The only difference is that these individuals are bypassing the classroom skills and class work in light of the skills that they have learned while working on the job.  Is it unethical for these individuals to be able to put to use the skills that they have used while on the job?  Some might so but most would agree that it is not.  Basically these individuals are getting the same certificates through an alternative program that is more understanding of their situations.


Some might say that these individuals should just head back to school to earn their certificates just like the current college students are doing.  However these individuals have probably not been in situations where they needed to work full time to support their current life and family.  Most of the individuals have a spouse and many have children that depend on them for support.  So for these people the fake certificates are a great option in obtaining their personal needs for a better future.