There are lots of things that a fake degree might be good for. They make great gifts and great novelty items, especially for those that did not attend a traditional university or might have skills that do not fall into academia. There are lots of things that a fake university certificate should not be used for. If you are not sure whether or not what you need a fake degree for is legally or ethically allowed, here are two of the things that you should probably not use fake degree certificates for:

Applying to a University

If you are considering applying to a master’s or doctorate program, but you do not yet have a bachelor’s degree or do not have a degree in a field that is favorable for the master’s or doctorate program, it can be tempting to get a fake university certificate in order to stand in and allow you to apply to that program. You should not do this for two reasons: first, because if the university finds out that you have lied on your application, you will be immediately rejected. You will also be kicked out if you are already in the program and they discover that you lied during the application process.

Second, because it devalues the work that other people have put into their degrees. While you might have the brains and the qualifications to get a master’s degree or doctorate, if you have not put in the time to do the prerequisite study, you will not be prepared for the work that is to come.

Apply for a Job

Using fake degree certificates in order to apply for a job is equally dangerous. Most hiring managers might not be as good at telling the difference between a fake degree and a real one, but they will know, once you have actually been hired, whether or not you really have the qualifications your degree should have equipped you with. This can put you in a very unfavorable position.

What are fake degree certificates good for? Just about anything that doesn’t defraud another person. They make great gifts, are excellent novelty items, and our high-quality fake degree certificates look great as props in movies and videos.

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