Often, bachelor’s degrees are described as “four year degrees.” Why? Because they generally take four years. Almost every university adheres to this program and makes sure that their degrees fit into the four year or eight semester set up. This may not, however, apply to every student or to every degree. As more and more universities are integrating general education requirements into their degrees and students are becoming less and less decisive, it is taking longer and longer for students to get their degrees. Many students may also be taking fewer credits and working more, in order to offset the high cost of education.

This means that some students may take five, six, seven, or even eight years in order to get what is traditionally known as a four year degree. Is the same true of replica diplomas? It is not! If you are looking for a fake diploma certificate, obtaining one is much faster and much cheaper than attending a university. While it might take four years to get a bachelor’s degree if you stay on track and only take classes that are related to your degree, it is unlikely that getting replica diplomas will take anywhere near that amount of time.

For those who buy diplomas, the document may arrive in as little as a few weeks, depending how complicated it is to make and how many a person is buying. When comparing a real bachelor’s degree to a fake diploma certificate, there is no denying that it is much less expensive and much faster to just buy diplomas, though there, are of course, fewer things that you can do with them.

While it is faster to get a fake degree than it is to get a real one, fake degrees do not really have the same impact when it comes to applying to a school or trying to get a job. Trying to pass off a fake degree as a real one isn’t always considered fraud, but there of situations in which it would be illegal or unethical to use a fake degree as a real one. Using it as a prop or a novelty, however, is always fun and completely ethical!

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