If you are looking to buy a funny fake degree, either to keep for yourself or to give as a gift, but are not quite sure what you want it to say, we have a few ideas to get you started. When creating a fake university certificate for a friend or for yourself, it is important to consider what the receiver is good at and how that would translate into a fake degree. This will create a much more personalized gift, which is always more effective than something generic. Here are just a few suggestions that you can use to create a fake diploma template that is sure to get some laughs:

•    The School of Hard Knocks – When we say that someone has attended the school of hard knocks, we usually mean that they have developed wisdom through life experiences, usually difficult experiences. Awarding someone with a fake university certificate from the school of hard knocks is a great way to show them that even though their knowledge wasn’t bestowed by a university, it is just as valid as the knowledge that someone who has a college education has obtained. This can be a funny way to give someone whose knowledge is derived from life, rather than school, a present that will ultimately be meaningful, too.

•    Procrastination University – Do you know someone who is really good at procrastinating? If so, a degree from Procrastination University is a great gift. When they have ascended beyond typical procrastination and have mastered the art, it is truly time to honor them with a degree from a university that values their skills.

•    Drinking University – While many people do their fair share of drinking while they are at university, if there is someone in your life who has taken their drinking abilities to the next level, a fake diploma from Drinking University is a funny gift that they will love.

•    Know It All College – Is there someone in your life who is a know it all? Are they constantly dispensing advice or knowledge or correcting people around them? If this is the case, a degree that commemorates their ability to know everything all the time is definitely appropriate, and this is just the college that would award them one.

Use these ideas to create a fake degree that is sure to elicit laughter!

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